Special opening this Wednesday from 10 a.m.



The immersive virtual reality expedition is forbidden for children under 8 years old and less than 1.30 meters tall. Children over 8 are the sole responsibility of their parent(s) and/or guardian(s).

Yes, you can purchase a gift voucher online, for the single price of 32€. You can go the page “gift card” in the header.

The experience costs 32€ per person.

For groups of 4 or more, the rate is 25€ per person.

The “reduced rate” of 25€ per person is valid only for the people listed below, and on presentation of a valid receipt: students, under-18s, people with reduced mobility and their companion (1 companion per person), jobseekers. In the event of non-presentation of valid proof of entitlement, visitors will be required to pay the difference between the “reduced rate” and the “full rate”, on the spot by credit card.

Our venue is located on 45 rue des Pirogues 75012 Paris, at 100 meters from exit of metro line 14 “cour Saint Emilion” stop.

The immersive virtual reality experience lasts 45 minutes. We recommend you allow 1 hour to drop off your wardrobe and get ready.

A group is made up of 3 visitors, but several groups of 3 people can follow the expedition and travel together.

Tickets purchased through our ticketing service are non-cancellable and non-refundable.

No, Smeetz ticket office does not accept vacation vouchers or culture passes. You can pay online by credit card.

Yes, you can pick up your tickets on the spot for the day of the show, if there’s space available, or at a later date.
However, it’s best to buy your tickets on our online ticketting service, to ensure you have enough space.

Yes, the immersive expedition is accessible to people with reduced mobility. An elevator is available to access the 1st floor of the shopping center. There are no steps within the expedition area, and the equipment is suitable for people with reduced mobility.

The immersive expedition equipment consists of an adjustable virtual reality headset, and a backpack containing a 3kg laptop.

Yes, people who wear glasses can experience our expedition in virtual reality. Our receptionists will be on hand to show them how to position the headset correctly.

No, a person with a heart condition or epilepsy cannot take part in our immersive virtual reality expedition.

No, the equipment (computer on the back and headphones on the head) is incompatible with carrying a baby in a baby carrier on the stomach or back, and with a pushchair pushed by a visitor.

The immersive expedition is available in two languages: French and English.

No, the visual content of our immersive expedition is not subtitled.

Yes, a person wearing a hearing aid can follow and hear the content of the experience. The virtual reality headset features small speakers that emit sound over the ears.

On our online ticketing service, slots are displayed 90 days in advance. In other words, today you can book for all available slots in the next 90 days only.

No, ticket dates cannot be changed, as indicated in our General Terms and Conditions.

No, we can scan your ticket electronically on your phone. However, if you prefer, you can print out your ticket to make the map easier to read.